Reviewer’s Terms and Conditions

Reviewers agree to:

  • Write honest reviews and post them as per Book-Central’s guidelines.
  • Grant rights to Book-Central to distribute and publish their reviews as applicable or needed. For instance, post the review on website and similar venues.
  • Distribute the reviews only to Book-Central (e.g. don’t sell the same review to another company).
  • Avoid any profanity or offensive content in the reviews.
  • Accept if Book-Central decides that a given review is not candidate for being published.
  • Provide Arcaddia Enterprises UG with a correct invoice for their services.

Arcaddia Enterprises UG agrees to:

  • Compensate the reviewer as per the agreed price and timeline.
  • Reimburse the cost of the ebooks/books if it surpasses $3 USD.
  • Acknowledge the name of the author of the review.

By clicking on the button “Apply” in the Reviewer’s form, you agree to these terms.